Tuesday, 15. October 2019
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Booking Guideline

1. easy booking instructions for VAS

Step 1: By clicking on the selected cruise, a booking request form will open. Each booking inquiry is treated as a booking request, please send rate requests via e-mail or call us. Please note, that with sending your request, you agree that we´ll save all your data given to us. It is very important that you provide us with all data asked for in the request form, especially contact information incl phone/cel no - we might have to contact you in case of urgent matters.
Step 2: We will try to hold a cabin (option): You will receive an e-mail including a "Binding Booking Request" within 1-12 hours. To confirm the booking, please read the binding booking form carefully and fill in all required information. By returning the document you accept the terms and conditions, which you have read online.
For PEP/TIR/Interline bookings, please attach employment verification as requested in our mail.

Step 3: We will bindingly book the cruise for you and send you a confirmation via E-Mail with further infos

Step 4: Please fill in the online registration a.s.a.p. In the confirmation you will find further information  In the VAS confirmation you will find further information about your cruise documents – i.e. self printable cruise docs

2. Terms & Conditions
The Cruise Companies "General terms and conditions" are provided on our homepage. The terms are printable within the booking form. By sending the respective booking request, you accept the terms and conditions (mandatory). Please note that the Terms & Conditions vary depending on cruise line, currency (EUR/USD) and rate (Retail/PEP-TIR-Interline).

3. Payments
We are bound to the payment options of our cruiseline partners. The following payment options are usually available:
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card charged by cruise line / or VAS - charge will apply
  • SEPA direct debit (if you are a valued VAS customer already)
  • Direct collection by the cruiseline
We will inform you along with the binding booking request about payment requirements.

4. We care for your future Cruise travel plans: Cruise Robot
Are you looking for a cruise, for which there are currently no Interline/PEP offers listed on our homepage?
Register with our Cruise Robot and you will receive an automated e-mail, as soon as a reduced offer is available for your desired cruise. Please note that our cruise robot does not inform you of Family & Friends rates (green flags). To unsubscribe from the "Cruise Robot", pls click the link below your offer email.
Please contact us for detailed instructions.

5. Urlaub auf See - Vacation At Sea GmbH Liability
UAS/VAS acts as a travel agent (limited liability). Terms & conditions of the respective cruise line apply as per our homepage. For some cruise lines, the cruises have to be added into the system manually. We cannot be held liable for accuracy of routes and dates, therefore please double-check the homepage of the cruise line for ship, date & routing, prior to signing the binding booking request. We are not liable for the availability of the cruise at the time of your inquiry or booking. Rates on our website are subject to change and applicable for new bookings only. Once confirmed, rates will not be lowered.
We are looking forward to assisting you with your cruise.